We Never Sleep - Currated by Valerie Hammond
Maggie Taylor - Through the Looking Glass and Other Stories
Rotations - Gallery Highlights Part III
Rotations - Gallery Highlights Part II
Rotations - Gallery Hightlights
Lily Prince - Recurring Waves of Arrival
Anne Siems - We Are All Connected
KATE BREAKEY - "Copses and Trees and Tumbleweeds"
VALERIE HAMMOND - "I stole them from a bee"
Summer 2017 Group Exhibition
MAYME KRATZ - “Dust to Dust”
Group Exhibition - Wednesday March 23-Saturday April 22
SARAH HINCKLEY -  "Looking For Some Grace"
January 2017 exhibit thru February 4th
ART ON PAPER - Thursday, March 2 | 6:00PM to 10:00PM
on view during the holidays 2016
PHYLLIS BRAMSON - "My World...And Everywhere It Takes Me“
LAURIE HOGIN is included in Nature Pops at Wave Hill
DAVID KROLL - New Paintings
Anne Siems
KATE BREAKEY LAS SOMBRAS / The Shadows – Photograms & GOLDEN STARDUST -- Orotones
Robert Marchessault
Alison Moritsugu
Melinda Stickney-Gibson
Kate Breakey
Torrance York
Robert Marchessault
Kate Breakey
Alison Moritsugu
David Kroll
Anne Siems
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