photographs by Kate Breakey & painting by David Kroll
 Kroll (detail)
 selection of Orotones & Photograms by Kate Breakey
 grouping of watercolors and oil painting by Sarah Hinckley
 Sarah Hinckley,      California Dreaming VI     California Dreaming IV    California Dreaming II     California Dreaming V    watercolor and gouache, 11x7.5, 18.25 x 14.75 framed
 Jacquelyn McBain & Annette Davidek
 Annette Davidek detail
 Jacquelyn McBain   Saint Emydgius Invoked against Earthquakes and Continental Drift     &   Saint Agatha’s Breasts    Iris print, edition of 50, 17” square framed
 McBain (detail)
 Lily Prince, Jacquelyn McBain & Annette Davidek
 Sarah Hinckley & Kate Breakey
 Laurie Hogin   Reality Commix: Rainbow Peacock        Reality Commix: Blue Bird        Reality Commix        Reality Commix: Emerald City King Fisher       watercolor on paper
 Mayme Kratz   Knot 306   &  Knot 307     resin and spurge on panel, 12x12
 David Kroll & Nathaniel Galka
 Nathaniel Galka (detail)
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