New York, NY (CHELSEA) - Littlejohn Contemporary is pleased to present a group exhibition of recent prints curated by Valerie Hammond. Artist included are Ann Agee, Victoria Burge, Nathan Catlin, Lauren Drescher, Adam Delphine Fawundu, Ivan Forde, Valerie Hammond, Emma Hammond-Thomas, Sarah Hinckley, Rachael Ostrow, Emma Rose Schwartz, Dasha Shishkin, and Kiki Smith.
Valerie Hammond, the curator of this exhibition and an artist represented by Littlejohn, explains:

The prints included in We Never Sleep use the physicality of traditional printmaking to travel on different paths in directions that diverge and intersect.  Some of the artists in this group have been students of mine in the past and others are artists that I have known for many years and whose work I find a deep kinship with.  It is has been a great pleasure for me to see these works together in conversation with one another. Printmaking attracts a diverse group of artists who usually share a communal print shop.  The environment of working together and sharing facilities, space and presses, and the long hours it takes to make and edition prints leads to conversations about, life, art, and printmaking. The work in this exhibition explores facets of the print process including etching, silkscreen, relief prints, monoprints and everything in between.

I have often contemplated about putting a show together of some of the many wonderful and varied printmakers I know.  It usually is just a moment of inspiration that passes. Recently, I again had this thought and decided to ask my gallerist, Jacquie Littlejohn, what she thought of the idea.  She generously and immediately said “Yes!”                                                                      --Valerie Hammond, August 2018