Saint Dagobert And the Death of a  Small King
Saint Luke As a Hibiscus Illustrating a Volcano
Saint Venantius As a Pika And The Leap of Faith
Saint Margaret of Cortona Who Loved Too Much
Saint Gregory The Wonder Worker As A Saw Whet Owl
Saint Rose as a Peony Tulip
The Undying of Saint Lazarus
St. Roch and the Plague of Frogs
Saint Benen with Worms
Saint Emydgius Invoked Against Earthquakes and Continental Drift
Saint Agatha's Breasts
Saint Peter of Alcantara
The Vision of Saint Hubert
Saint Ambrose and the Killer Bees
Saint Expeditus and the Axalotis Invoked Against Procrastination
Saint Augustine in his Manichaean Phase with a Madagascar Moon Moth
Saint Gabriel: Annunciation to a Leaf Insect
Saint Joseph Invoked for Happy Death
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