Tell Me, What Is It You Plan To Do With Your One Wild And Precious Life? (Mary Oliver)

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Dear Friends,

As most of you know, much in the world has gone digital. That includes the art world. Visits to brick and mortar gallery spaces have declined, whereas digital, online visits and commerce have taken over. Having had my gallery for so many years prior to the onset of the internet, I am grateful to have experienced that golden era when gallery exhibition spaces were the hub of art world activity.

But now it is time for Littlejohn Contemporary Art, Inc. to roll with the changes, to enable greater time and flexibility for me to pursue the art that I love as well as my many other interests including environmental conservation which has become an increasingly important role in my life.  After 34 years of mounting exhibitions and representing artists, I have decided to close the gallery's physical space at the end of this year and go digital.

LCA will continue to be an active source of artwork by most of the artists I’ve represented but now primarily in online capacities as well as occasional pop-up shows at various locations. This will include expanding the program of informal salon-style presentations and sales of art at Tracy Fauver’s home in Bedford, NY as well as other venues. Our website will be updated often and eblasts will be sent with new offerings and events as they occur. Littlejohn staff will continue to be available to assist with acquisitions which—amazingly--- these days, are usually conducted by email (!!).
I am so proud of all that the artists, LCA staff, and I have accomplished together in our many years of collaboration and thank the many curators and collector supporters with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working. I look forward to our ongoing relationships.

 With warm personal regards,

Jacquie Littlejohn

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…Tell Me, What Is It You Plan To Do With Your One Wild And Precious Life?...

“The Summer Day” by Mary Oliver

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New York, NY (CHELSEA) - Littlejohn Contemporary is pleased to present, “”Tell Me, What Is It You Plan To Do With Your One Wild And Precious Life?” a group exhibition of work by Alison MORITSUGU, Maggie TAYLOR, David KROLL, Mayme KRATZ, Anne SIEMS, Lily PRINCE, Kate BREAKEY, Valerie HAMMOND, Jacquelyn McBAIN, & Robert MARCHESSAULT